Dark Places || Book Review

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Author: Gillian Flynn

Platform: Book of the Month

If I could choose to be anything that I wanted, I would choose to be Gillian Flynn. I cannot express how much I love her novels. Every time I try to verbalize how much I adore her books, nothing feels substantial enough. Words don’t do my love justice.

The suspense/thriller genre is my favorite and I don’t think anyone does it better than Flynn. Every suspense/thriller book I read, I score it based on how close to Gone Girl it comes. This one get’s a 4.5 because it’s extremely good, but just not as good as Gone Girl, haha.

Like all of Flynn’s books, the twist is in just the right spot to give you a hearty conclusion but keep you interested the whole journey. The tidbits of information throughout let you sleuth (which is my favorite part) if you have a good memory. But they’re not so easy and glaring that anyone could open the book to that spot and know that it has something to do with the secret.

In fact, this book had a twist that I didn’t even guess. And let me tell you…this isn’t my first foray into these types of books. I notice everything and I normally know the ending before I get there. Dark Places did a great job at keeping the truth in the open, but my attention diverted so that I didn’t piece it together on my own.

I didn’t want to put this book down. And when it was over, I felt completely satisfied. The ending was whole. I was extremely happy with this book and I highly suggest that any fan of the genre give it a read. Right now.



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